Do you think I will see a weight loss change on these probiotics?

Optimal Digestive functioning requires both enzymes and probiotics.

Losing weight is related to calories in vs calories burned combined with optimized hormonal function.

Today most people have compromised digestive systems due to an imbalance of gut flora, an enzyme deficient diet because of processed foods, herbicides, pesticides, & fungicides being on the food along with preservatives.

We have found that 90 days of relatively high dosage of enzymes and probiotics is enough time to get one's digestive system optimized so that you can get better results from your dietary practices.

At that time one simple goes on a maintenance dosage. Many people notice changes in gas. bloating, elimination and water retention during the initial 30 days of the process which is to be expected as you reclaim your inner terrain.

Once optimized weight loss is much easier and diets tend to be more effective.

For more information, please download a copy of our Blueprint for Biological Optimization from our website:

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