I've heard that one should periodically go off enzymes to make sure that your body continues to make it's own enzymes and function properly on its own. Is there any validity to this?

Going off enzymes is pretty much a myth. For example enzymes are present in all food that hasn't been cooked yet no one suggests you should stop eating fruits and vegetables.

Largely the going off enzymes ideology has been promoted by a few misguided individuals in both the Raw Food community and in the Pharmaceutical Medical Industrial Complex.

Your body manufactures 1000's of enzymes every day (at a huge metabolic cost).

In order to manufacture enzymes your body will use amino acids from smooth or striated muscle. Without sufficient enzymes your body begins to catabolize itself in order to meet it's enzymatic needs.

Increase protein intake is not the answer as the body will have to manufacture more enzymes to digest the protein and therefore put a further strain on your enzymatic bank account.

According to Dr. Edward Howell, Author of Enzyme Nutrition and Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity the average 40 year old as less than 30 percent of their enzymatic capacity.

He also proved through thousands of experiments that the length of life of any organism is directly correlated to it's enzymatic resources.

While there are many types of enzymes out there high quality proteolytic enzymes are the most in demand by the body.

Next comes Amylase and Lipase which digest carbohydrates and fats.

These enzymes are re-used by the body as our anything taking in excess for other metabolic processes.

Bottom line Enzymes are one of the few products that you really can't take to much off simply because our bodies massive need for enzymes.

For more information I suggest you check out Dr. Howell's books which are available on Amazon.

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