How long should one bottle of Masszyme last?

It is easily assumed that one bottle is meant to be used within one month. This is not entirely correct. How long 1 bottle will last you will depend on your dosage, or how many capsules you are taking per day.

For example, someone who has a sensitive digestive system might take up to 5 capsules of Masszymes per meal and in between meals, that can reach 25 capsules per day. One bottle of 250 capsules of Masszyme will last this person 10 days. So, a 3-bottle package for this customer will be interesting as he will use 750 capsules per month, which is indeed 3 bottles.

For someone healthier, using only 1 or 2 capsules per meal, and none in between, will use about 180 capsules per month, so the 1 bottle package is sufficient for this person.

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