Does your product help with candida?

We cannot diagnose or treat and condition or illness but I can say I do have a great number of clients who have reported positive benefits of using the combination of Masszymes and P3-OM in conjunction with an anti-candida diet.

I would suggest checking out my colleague Katrine Volynsky at

She works one on one with many people with that condition and uses our products along with a few other key elements determined by your individualized requisites.

Candida is a persistent bacteria and requires massive all out action in order to clear the body. My suggestion is get the professional help you need from Katrine or someone with a great deal of experience in the area that can guide you ever step of the way.

The P3-OM is one of the most aggressive probiotics on the planet and we have many clients who use it conjunction with a sugar free diet in order to reclaim their internal terrain.

The enzymes will enhance digestion along with the P3-OM and they will serve as a a 1-2 defense against invaders like candida. We do suggest following a sugar free diet for several months with high dosage of enzymes and probiotics.

See our blueprint for biological optimization at

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