It is past 60 days and want I still receive my refund.

Unfortunately, our 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE allows you 60 days to try our products. Within those first 60 days after purchase, if you decide you no longer wish to take our products, you can simply return the unopened bottles and we will process your refund in full.


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    mark domanico

    Hello BiOptimtizers,


    First off, I love your videos on assimilation, nutrification, and optimization. Well done Wade. 

    On 1/11/18 I placed an order for 6 Masszymes, 1 HCL Breakthrough, and 1 Gluten Gaurdian.  I started taking them mid-February, after getting blood work and full clearance from my doctor.  Since beginning taking them I have noticed no difference.

    I believe your product to be of the highest quality, however I have received no personal benefits from them.  

    I would like to return 3 unopened bottles of the Massymes for a refund. 

    Please tell me where to ship them thank you.  


    Mark Domanico


    order # 3Z75GVJE or #3Z76GVJE

    the packing slip is a little tricky to read I can't tell if the fourth number is 5 or 6




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    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'm sorry that our products did not turn out to be an awesome fit for you as it has for our other customers. I have created a ticket to assist you with your request : )

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